That Once Crazy Kid In Class.


i’m logging off to finish trapped in the closet, watch the room for the 14th time (literally!!! i’ve counted) and knock out goodbye

do you have any favorite makeup brands? O: also what do u want to be when u grow up

makeup forever by sephora has TOP NOTCH black lipstick. benefit cosmetics has really good mascara and eyeliner. when i’m broke i get wet and wild h2o proof eyeliner. SHIT SURVIVED THE BEACH„,

oh boy;;;; i wanna be 1. a tattoo artist 2. an illustrator for children’s books. 3. a grade school art teacher. i love kids and art i wanna do something with both

thank u jess ily

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Inbox me (1) thing you want to know about me.

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Okay but the lighting in my bathroom is really good

johan i miss you odee

[snoop dogg scream at the beginning of the gin and juice vid]


chill day in st marks with the squad. happy birthday rey
everyone convinced me to buy the shirt in the second picture and it was honestly the best decision i’ve ever made in my life
I went from looking like kim possible to looking like a 12 year old white boy in two seconds

Why do you hate Caucasian women so much

go to bed sally

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((You're rly cute tbh

thank so much!!! this means a lot aaaahhhh

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black girls against anonymous hate from boring bitter white girls 2k14